Roman Day

22 Jun

What a day! A big thanks to all the parents who came in and had to do alot more work than we expected! Come to our class assembly next Wednesday morning at 9:30 to find out exactly what we got up to today.

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Parents needed for Roman Day!

21 Jun

We have not had any volunteers from 4DC to help out with Roman Day tomorrow, we need your help! There will be lots of different workshops  going on, all of which require a parent helper. The other Year 4 classes have gathered a small group to help but we still do not have enough. If you would be able to help out it would be much appreciated. It will also be a great chance for you to take part in what promises to be one of the most memorable days in the school year!

Class Book!

27 May

We have decided that at the end of this project we will gather all our stories together and create a class book. Pupils will have over half term to finish their first draft and then we will work on editing to make our stories word perfect in the first week back. We can’t wait!


19 May

We are soon going to be working with decimals again in our numeracy sessions. Why not see what you can remember by having a go at this online decimals game.

Messy Mosaics!

19 May

In the afternoon sunshine today, we put the finishing touches to our Roman mosaics. Things got very messy when the grouting began. Luckily Hannah had brought some aprons and gloves to protect our clothes but in alot of cases this wasn’t enough! Pupils produced some beautiful masterpieces and we are going to keep these in class for the moment so that they can play a part in our class assembly which will be taking place after the half term break (date to be confirmed). Well done everyone and thank you Hannah!

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The Worry Monster is a conductor!

11 May

In Science today we were testing objects in the classroom to see if they conducted electricity. The tin foil around our Worry Monster is metal so is a conductor. Why not have a go at solving these online Circuit Problems all about conductors and insulators.

Easter Thriller

6 May

Well done to everyone on such a fantastic effort at school and at home with their “Easter Thriller” project! Some pupils have brought theirs home to add their finishing touches and also to complete their evaluation over the weekend.

All pupils should read their story to someone at home and why not ask for some feedback too!