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The Worry Monster is a conductor!

11 May

In Science today we were testing objects in the classroom to see if they conducted electricity. The tin foil around our Worry Monster is metal so is a conductor. Why not have a go at solving these online Circuit Problems all about conductors and insulators.


Astounding Aerodynamic Automobiles!

8 Nov

On Friday last, thanks to our ramp engineers Seth and Orie, we were able to test the cars which we had built as part of our “Science Friction” project. Pupils had been working hard to make cars with as little air resistance and friction as possible so that they would travel quickly down a ramp with a strong wind blowing against them. Using a bench from the KS2 hall and Mrs. Salmon’s fan we were able to create the perfect testing conditions. Orie was one of the first to test his car and his went almost half way down the ramp. As we tested each car it looked as though Orie was going to be the clear winner until George stepped up. His car took off very quickly and went flying down the ramp, almost reaching the end, making George the winner. Making a car with moving wheels was no easy task so well done everyone for the amount of effort put in.

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