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A Century of Children’s Games and Rhymes

6 Jul

We have just kicked off a new project looking at how children’s games have changed over the last century. For homework, children will be quizzing all you adults at home about some of the games you played when you were young. Why not have a look at the website ( we are using to look into the past and you might see some familar games!


Class Book available to buy!

27 Jun

Our class book “A Soldier’s Tale” is now available to buy online. It costs £2.23 before postage and packaging, £5.22 after (if buying only one copy). To try and bring the cost of the book down, I will be placing a big order on Friday which pupils can be a part of. If anyone wishes to get their book as part of this order they need to bring in £3.10 per book desired by Friday. We can’t wait to get hold of a copy!

Class Book!

27 May

We have decided that at the end of this project we will gather all our stories together and create a class book. Pupils will have over half term to finish their first draft and then we will work on editing to make our stories word perfect in the first week back. We can’t wait!

Easter Thriller

6 May

Well done to everyone on such a fantastic effort at school and at home with their “Easter Thriller” project! Some pupils have brought theirs home to add their finishing touches and also to complete their evaluation over the weekend.

All pupils should read their story to someone at home and why not ask for some feedback too!

Hot off the Press!

6 Apr

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Wow, what fantastic results from our most recent project. Pupils worked really hard to get the hang of writing interesting articles which included both direct and reported speech. There was a big focus on teamwork too as the pupils had to come together and make important decisions on the layout and content of their newspaper. Well done to everyone and keep up the good work!

Project Extension

14 Mar

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We didn’t manage to fit in all we wanted to do as part of our landscapes project so we have extended it another week. Here are the all the pieces pupils produced at home. Top homework guys, well done!

Landscape Shading

7 Mar

In project this morning, we were concentrating on creating perspective in a simple landscape using water colours. We used different shades of green against each other to show the separate parts of the land and to create depth.

As the weather was so nice this afternoon, we went to Brockwell Park for our last session of the day to do a quick sketch of the wonderful landscape view of the city. We were able to include landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben and the Gurkin!