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Messy Mosaics!

19 May

In the afternoon sunshine today, we put the finishing touches to our Roman mosaics. Things got very messy when the grouting began. Luckily Hannah had brought some aprons and gloves to protect our clothes but in alot of cases this wasn’t enough! Pupils produced some beautiful masterpieces and we are going to keep these in class for the moment so that they can play a part in our class assembly which will be taking place after the half term break (date to be confirmed). Well done everyone and thank you Hannah!

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Landscape Shading

7 Mar

In project this morning, we were concentrating on creating perspective in a simple landscape using water colours. We used different shades of green against each other to show the separate parts of the land and to create depth.

As the weather was so nice this afternoon, we went to Brockwell Park for our last session of the day to do a quick sketch of the wonderful landscape view of the city. We were able to include landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben and the Gurkin!

Bengali Scroll inspired Art

27 Jan

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To round off our literacy sessions from the last few weeks we have brought our story to life through some art work. We looked at Bengali scrolls and tried to copy their style making our oil pastel pieces colourful and full of life, some even bursting out of their frames! What do you think?