Javelin Throwing

27 Jun

We were practising our javelin throwing for sports day this afternoon. We used trundle wheels to measure the distance thrown and keep track of our personal best scores. Below are each pupil’s top score. What would be the best way to show all this information in one graph? A prize for the best idea!

  Pupil metres  
  Orie 11.31  
  Anya 5.2  
  Lily 4.3  
  Hannah 4.5  
  Emilio 19.65  
  Nadine 9.36  
  Ryo 14.65  
  Charlotte 8.15  
  Daniel 9.2  
  Cella 7.25  
  Sonny 9.9  
  Alex 2  
  Elizabeth 7.5  
  Jacob 3.7  
  Seth 12.36  
  Mischa 3.5  
  Billy 10.4  
  Evie 8.54  
  Anastasija 2.19  
  Vishal 7.6  
  Anna 8.85  
  Eva 8.75  
  Kate 7.75  
  Saidia 7.45  
  Charlie 12.75  
  Kelis 9.71  

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