30 Mar

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We put our coordinate knowledge to the test on Monday when we created a big grid outside. Each team were given a number of coordinates. They had to go to this coordinate on the grid and see which letter was underneath the cone which lay on their coordinate. Each team then had to come together with their letters and try to make a word.

Coordinates are fun to work with as long as we remember the golden rule, the coordinate from the x-axis (the one at the bottom) comes before the one on the y-axis (the one at the side). Just like in the alphabet, x comes before y!


One Response to “Coordinates”

  1. Mary Matheson March 30, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    Hi 4DC (especially Charlie!) This looks great! I’m reading your blog in the mountains in Guatemala – maybe with practice you can work our the coordinates of Guatemala City!
    Adios Mary (Charlie’s mum)

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