Musictrax Concert

18 Jul

Well done to everyone for a fantastic performance last Friday!


A Soldier’s Tale – 3 copies left!

11 Jul

We now have three copies left of the class book to sell at £3.10 if anyone would like them. First come, first serve!

Musictrax on Monday (11th of July)

8 Jul

Don’t forget to bring in your instruments on Monday for our extra Musictrax session in preparation for our concert on Friday the 15th of July!

A Century of Children’s Games and Rhymes

6 Jul

We have just kicked off a new project looking at how children’s games have changed over the last century. For homework, children will be quizzing all you adults at home about some of the games you played when you were young. Why not have a look at the website ( we are using to look into the past and you might see some familar games!

Amazing Class Assembly!

30 Jun

Well done everyone on a fantastic class assembly yesterday, you all should be really proud. Here it is for those of you who did not get a chance to attend yesterday and also for those who want to relive the magic!

Class Book available to buy!

27 Jun

Our class book “A Soldier’s Tale” is now available to buy online. It costs £2.23 before postage and packaging, £5.22 after (if buying only one copy). To try and bring the cost of the book down, I will be placing a big order on Friday which pupils can be a part of. If anyone wishes to get their book as part of this order they need to bring in £3.10 per book desired by Friday. We can’t wait to get hold of a copy!

Javelin Throwing

27 Jun

We were practising our javelin throwing for sports day this afternoon. We used trundle wheels to measure the distance thrown and keep track of our personal best scores. Below are each pupil’s top score. What would be the best way to show all this information in one graph? A prize for the best idea!

  Pupil metres  
  Orie 11.31  
  Anya 5.2  
  Lily 4.3  
  Hannah 4.5  
  Emilio 19.65  
  Nadine 9.36  
  Ryo 14.65  
  Charlotte 8.15  
  Daniel 9.2  
  Cella 7.25  
  Sonny 9.9  
  Alex 2  
  Elizabeth 7.5  
  Jacob 3.7  
  Seth 12.36  
  Mischa 3.5  
  Billy 10.4  
  Evie 8.54  
  Anastasija 2.19  
  Vishal 7.6  
  Anna 8.85  
  Eva 8.75  
  Kate 7.75  
  Saidia 7.45  
  Charlie 12.75  
  Kelis 9.71